Il part ensuite la recherche de Lex Luthor dont il est sr

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replica hermes handbags The mum of two, who was known under her maiden name Jacqueline Pirie when she played Coronation Street’s two timing knicker stitcher Linda Baldwin, has just released her debut crime thriller and has two more books in the pipeline.Stirling born Jacqueline, 42, who quit acting in 2001 because she hated being in the limelight, believes she has found her true calling and has no plans to return to the stage or screen.The actress, who also played feisty Tina Dingle in Emmerdale, said: „When I started out in the soaps, celebrity didn’t exist and your private life was pretty much your own. That all changed in the Noughties when the phenomenon ofstardom took off.“After having my two children, I decided it was time to quit acting as I didn’t want them be forced into the limelight because of me. I wanted to concentrate on the things that really mattered being a wife and mother.“Turning to writing was a no brainer. But ultimately I always hoped to write novels.“It’s a difficult world to break into so I wrote my first trilogy under the assumption nothing would happen with it. Now that I have a three book deal I’m thrilled to bits.“In the Still is out now and the other two will follow in a few months. I’m already working on my fourth.“I’ve been well and truly bitten by the writing bug. Wild horses would not drag me back into the spotlight even if someone decided to adapt my novels for the big or small screen.“I’m happier behind the scenes, writing. I don’t know how I had the guts to be an actress. I would die a million deaths if I had to perform in front of an audience or crew now. And as for remembering lines, I wouldn’t have a hope.“While the heroine of her novels forensic pathologist and criminal psychologist Ali Dalglish also emigratedto Canada from the UK, Jacqueline, who is married to firefighter Simon, says people shouldn’t draw too many comparisons between her and her creation. Like me, she calls a spade a spade and has a filthy mouth.“Although people I know may accidentally resemble my characters, I don’t portray anyone directly. My husband is a replica hermes handbags.